Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It’s Good To Be A Queen.

I went to a crop last October (2009) and there was a much-anticipated nametag design contest.  The ladies were all very creative.  There were mini-scrapbook pages (complete with pictures), blooming tags, ephemera tags, tags with glitter, tags with felt, tags with ribbons and even a tag shaped like a bat (it was October, of course!). But, there was a whole group of women who wore their tags proudly and loudly – attached to pink paper crown headbands. 

It made me think.  Every little girl wants to be a princess and every woman, a queen.  But, no matter how much a gal wishes it to be only lineage can win you a real crown…now a PAPER crown….hmmm.  A paper crown I can MAKE. 

Now I don’t think this group of scrappers was trying to make some sort of statement about the sociology of scrapbooking or anything, but they did make me think.  What does a queen do?  A queen controls here domain, makes decisions, and takes risks in pursuit of the best outcome.  What does a SCRAPBOOK queen do?  An SQ controls the presentation of her memories, organizes the pictures and memorabilia for herself and her family, and is always looking for the newest and most risky crafting techniques to add to her toolbox.  NOW I understand.  Scrapbooking is a way to be queen in the history of your kingdom.  An SQ is the Lady of her Layouts , the Baroness of her Cuttlebug, and a Crafting force to be reckoned with.  Is she always pefect? NO!  Is she always Appreciated?  HELL NO!  Is a regular queen imperfect and underappreciated…of course!

But, just as a firm hand and a stern demeanor sometimes hide a queen’s love for her people…glitter, glue and stickers often hide a Scrap queen’s desire to remember the people she loves and the good times she’s shared with them.

So, I’m starting this craftblog to celebrate the Queen (or King! for those scrap guys) in all of us.  I’m going to share tips, projects and techniques that I’ve seen or come up with and I’m giving them with hugs and kisses to my fellow cropstars.

May your glitter gleam and your adhesive hold it all together. :)

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