Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Micro Light Box


I was just over that the Scrapmaster’s Paradise Forum and we are having a discussion about light boxes and photography techniques.  Many crafters take photos of cards and layouts but don’t really know the improved quality that you can achieve with a simple photo tent or micro light box.  So, I wanted to show you what I use to give you some ideas on how to improve your crafty photos.

Here is a the micro light box that my dad built for me (isn’t he handy!?) :


It’s a wooden frame and a wooden floor wrapped in this thin, white stretch polyester fabric.  I decided to go with this kind of fabric because, as you can see I can ‘push’ the light further in or out to change the intensity and quality of the light.  I’ve actually used two aluminum work lights that can be found in a hardware store because they are cheap, but they still take small true-color bulbs.  I need to go and get one of the larger ones to put on the top – then I will really be in business, lol!

Here is a shot where you can see the lamps I use:


The one downside is that these lamps get hot pretty fast.  I’ve never really had a problem, but I am careful never to leave them on when they are not in use, so I don’t let them get TOO hot.  There are other slightly more expensive alternatives but these work for me right now. 

I used to have a homemade photobox (which worked well also) that I made from cardboard and tissue, but it collapsed a lot and I got frustrated with it.  You might have more luck – try searching for tutorials online, there are TONS!

Another thing to consider is that my setup is not easily moved.  I am fortunate to have a permanent place to keep mine set up, but if you need to transport or break it down often – I’d look into a photo tent that can be collapsed.

Here is the quality of the photos I take before I brighten them a bit in PSE:


Then, I increase the ‘blacks’ a little (In PSE8: Enhance>Adjust Lighting>Levels) and I make it a bit brighter (Enhance>Adjust Lighting>Brightness/Contrast) and here we are:


I really love my little light box.  It makes it SO easy to get photos of my crafts that really LOOK like the original thing I made instead of being dark and distorted.

Thanks for taking a look today! Hope this inspires you to try some different techniques with your craft photography!

Keep it royal people!

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