Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hello! I’m so excited that CHA is this weekend!!! Finally the DCWV booth has been revealed and I wanted to give you an up-close and personal look at my projects!

Now, for reasons unknown (to me at least) my projects were altered quite a bit, but I am extremely proud of the HOURS of work I did on the section of the project that was removed (Maybe it was damaged in transit).  So, I wanted to show you the projects in the original form and celebrate this awesome weekend of crafting and excitement!

The Masquerade Box:


I hand beaded, hand cut, and hand decorated each mask in this project.  These masks took me almost two weeks to complete.  Take a good look because this section of the project has been removed.  You will not see it at CHA.


Here is a closer look at the beading that I did and the masks.



On the box itself, I did a mosaic out of all the assorted papers that I was provided.  The box took me about two weeks.  This is a shot of some of the existing project which you can see in the CHA DCWV booth.  Go check it out!!!


This is the front panel of the box which focuses on the blue moon beads which are beautiful.  I believe this is also able to be seen unless it was also removed.  Let me know if you see it!!!


So sorry about the photos! This was the best place to take the photos because inside my house just too dark.  These had also been heavily altered, but look much more like this original project.  Mostly there were lots of teal accents added and the beading at the bottom (all hand done) was removed.


I cut these panels with my cricut and used lots of punches and dies to create the other accents.  Let me know if you see it in the DCWV booth!!!

The Booth is just bursting with lots of inspiration! If you at at CHA go check it out!  There is an awesome elephant made of paper and beads – so cool!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Keep it royal people!


  1. Wow first time here, the hat and box is brilliant really fantastic, love the mosaic on the box really stunning. The scones are really lovely too..


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