Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flowers of Friendship–Hampton Art

Hello! I just wanted to share a card I have up over on the Hampton Art blog today! It includes a LOT of masking. Such an easy technique, but SO impressive to look at!  Here’s a peek:


This is JUST stamping with a few pearls added. Go HERE to see the whole project!

Want to try some masking yourself? Here are some masking tips:

1: Be sure to stamp each flower one time with no masking! When you start your project, stamp each image you will be using one time, randomly on the paper, so that you can see the whole image – THEN start masking.  The reason you do this is because you need to give the eye an example of what the image looks like, whole.  That way, your brain can ‘fill in’ the image for all the masked flowers more easily and your design will pop off the page because it has so much depth.

2: Use thin paper to make your masks! You will get a more crisp line where the two stamps “overlap” if you use thin paper to make your masks.

3:  Make more than one mask of each image! To cover a larger area with masking, you will need at LEAST two of each image.  The more masks, the more complicated your masking can be.

Hop on over to Hampton Art and see the whole project and if you like it, let them know in a comment!

Keep it royal people!!

PS: If you need a little more help? Go HERE for an About.com tutorial on basic masking!

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  1. Very good tips. I will need to play around with this technique. I saw the ful card and love the pins you added..so pretty


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