Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Top Tip: Mini Pop Dots Made EASY.

Okay, well, since I missed the deadline for last week’s Top Tip by MINUTES – I’ll just have to post my idea for last week’s tip for THIS week!

Ok, have you ever gotten any of those TINY pop dots? At first you think, “GREAT! I can pop dot even SMALL things with these!”

Then reality hits and you realize that getting those dots out of that sheet is a lesson in frustration. Well….no more. :)

I have devised a way of extracting those tiny dots and –gasp- getting them on your project with relative ease.

A Preview:


Want the tutorial?

Go here.

(Just a reminder that you will be redirected to my now Wordpress (b/c Windows Live Spaces is gone now) account to view the tutorial. Please come back here to comment if you can!)


Have a good night queenies!